Document3D 2014 Service Pack 1

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Document3D 2014 Service Pack 1 from QuadriSpace.

This video is about QuadriSpace Products - What's new 2014 Service Pack 1?

The new service pack includes new features and stock content that provides users with more options when creating custom technical illustrations.

• The new “Smart Grid” automatically aligns the markup grid based on a part’s geometry. This makes it easy to draw technical illustration symbols onto a 2D plane in 3D space to indicate rotations or movements related to a part. This is especially useful with regular-shaped parts with such as screws, bolts, O-rings, washers and pipes.
• The new “Face-Aligned Grid” aligns the markup grid to a selected face. Allowing the user to arbitrarily align for 3D symbol drawing.
• A new drawing system enables a single mouse click and drag to set initial position, size and rotation of the drawn symbol.
• A new symbols pack includes hands, tools, rotational arrows, linear arrows and more. The new raster symbols are included as 32-bit images with transparency providing more versatility of use.
• SP1 includes a new ability to select a color for raster-based symbols making it easy to reuse stock gray scale images and colorize them for various projects and styles.
• Support for transparent images on the document page.

In addition, the 2014 SP1 release adds support for the recently announced Solid Edge® ST8.