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Create printed or interactive

documents from 3D CAD.

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Privately share 3D content

in the cloud

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Create illustration,

3D PDF or cloud content.

Documentation Software

Pages3D enables 3D models to be used in the creation of multiple page documents for printed or interactive document production. No CAD software required.

  • Work Instruction Packets
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogs
  • Custom 3D PDF documents


Content Creation Software

Publisher3D makes the creation of content from existing 3D CAD files easy for anyone. Create exploded views, step-by-step procedures, part lists, illustrations, descriptive text, and more.

  • Technical Illustrations
  • Content for Share3D Cloud Services
  • Template-based 3D PDF


Cloud Distribution Services

Share3D cloud-services allows you to privately distribute your 3D content team members anywhere, collaborate securely and remain in-the-loop with projects worldwide.

  • Collaborative Projects
  • Visual Instructions
  • Interactive Catalogs


Collaboration Apps

Mobile and Desktop Apps for Share3D make collaboration easy and powerful enabling interactive 3D viewing and commenting anywhere.

Share3D for iPad

Share3D for iPhone

Share3D for PC

September 16, 2014 - QuadriSpace announces 2014 products with Solid Edge compatibility for 3D Publishing and Collaboration
Publisher3D PDF, our entry-level 3D PDF creation software, publishes 3D PDF files for just $199 USD. Learn More about Publisher3D PDF