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Technical Communication for Manufacturing

Create informative content from 3D CAD data, deliver it and involve the extended team!

From 3D to Informative Content to People

QuadriSpace products, cloud services and apps make it easy to create documents and content from 3D CAD files, distribute relevant content and collaborate with team members.

The Pages3D and Publisher3D software makes it easy to create content from 3D CAD files that is ready to be distributed to others through print, 3D PDF or in the cloud.


Share3D cloud-services enables the secure distribution of interactive 3D content to anyone, anywhere. Since Share3D leverages the cloud, it also empowers private collaboration between team members, vendors, suppliers using apps and email-in-the-loop features.


Manufacturing Instructions

Deliver printed, interactive or cloud-based instructions

Illustrated Catalogs

Create and maintain printed, online of cloud-based catalogs

Technical Illustrations

Create illustration sets from 3D CAD files

Team Collaboration

Use the combined power of the cloud and 3D to collaborate with team members

Field Communication

Provide field representatives with up-to-date instructions and catalogs

1. Create

3D to Content

Create content based on your 3D CAD data using Pages3D or Publisher3D.

2. Distribute

Content to People

Distribute content as print, 3D PDF, or privately share content in the cloud with Share3D.

3. Collaborate

People to People

Collaborate with Share3D's interactive 3D apps and email-in-the-loop features to involve everyone.

  • Collaborate with Share3D Apps
  • Share3D Email-in-the-Loop