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Pages3D and Publisher3D

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The Pages3D and Publisher3D software makes it easy to create content from 3D CAD files that is ready to be distributed to others through print, 3D PDF or in the cloud. The following products are available:

  • Pages3D Standard
  • Pages3D Professional
  • Publisher3D Standard
  • Publisher3D Professional
  • Document3D Suite
  • Creo GRANITE Importer

Publisher3D PDF

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Publisher3D PDF is an entry-level, easy-to-use software application for creating industry standard PDF files with embedded 3D models. 3D PDF files created with Publisher3D PDF can then be viewed in the standard, and freely available, Adobe Reader. No plug-ins to Reader are needed for rotating, panning and interacting with 3D objects in the resulting 3D PDF file.

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If you have any questions or would like help choosing the best product for you, please contact our direct sales team.

  • Phone: 972.359.6700

Share3D Cloud Services

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Share3D cloud-services enables the secure distribution of interactive 3D content to anyone, anywhere. Since Share3D leverages the cloud, it also empowers private collaboration between team members, vendors, suppliers using apps and email-in-the-loop features. For plan pricing visit: Share3D Plans and Pricing. User Accounts Include:

  • Access to the Share3D Cloud Site
  • Share3D Apps for iPhone, iPad and PC
  • Publisher3D Software for Content Creation
  • Secure hosting of 3D projects in the Cloud
  • Private sharing of 3D projects