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XLIFF Language Translation Module


XLIFF Language Translation Module

The XLIFF Language Translation Module is an add-on module for Pages3D or Publisher3D that provides an import/export functionally for language translation. The XLIFF Language Translation functionality will be available from a “XLIFF” ribbon that will be available once the module is installed and activated.

The process for the module user is to export a zip file that includes RTF and XLIFF files. XLIFF is an industry standard translation format based on XML. This zip file is then provided to a translator who will use industry standard tools to translated the text. This file will then be re-imported resulting in a translated version of the source document.

Export/Import XLIFF

Unformatted text is exported to industry standard XLIFF format for easy and professional translation. This format is compatible with industry standard translation software.

Export/Import RTF

Formatted text, such as text boxes in Pages3D, are exported to RTF format so that rich formatting can be maintained or edited during the translation.