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Export QuadriSpace Models (QSM files) from SolidWorks, Inventor or Rhino The Exporter Add-ins included in this download are add-ins to SolidWorks, Inventor, or Rhino. These are used to export your 3D model to a QuadriSpace model (QSM) file. This file can then be imported into any QuadriSpace product for authoring, publishing or viewing. Can I import SolidWorks, Inventor or Rhino files directly without the Exporter Add-ins? In general, yes. Pages3D, Publisher3D, and Share3D all include the ability to import SolidWorks parts and assemblies, Inventor parts and assemblies and Rhino files. These importers are included with the regular installation programs. To import Inventor files, you will also need to install the freely available Inventor View product from Autodesk. A link to this product is provided during the standard installation process. Do I need the Exporter Add-ins? Maybe not. Since all QuadriSpace products include SolidWorks and Inventor importers, you may be able to get the best results by just importing the 3D model. Who needs the Exporter Add-ins? The following are typical needs associated with using the Exporter Add-ins: * You need extra information only available with the exporters (such as some meta-data or exploded views created in the CAD software) * You have trouble importing because references to parts, materials or other externally referenced files are not accessible from the workstation that has the QuadriSpace product installed. * You would like to have your engineer send you a single, compact file instead of a hierarchy of files sometimes needed to load solid assemblies